"We provide and install monitoring systems (IIoT sensors) that can interact with other existing systems using the same communication structures."



The CapTemp SQL software is certified according to the "Guide WELMEC 7.2 version 5", for monitoring the temperature, in compliance with the Ordinance 1129 of 1 October 2009.

We are the first company with a fully certified system (Software and Hardware) and we have received "Approved Model" certifications by Portuguese Institute of Quality (IPQ).

International Expansion

CapTemp continues to grow and develop its network of international partners.

These partnerships have two main goals:
  • Introduction of technology developed by CapTemp to the local market.
  • Management, dissemination and promotion of CapTemp products.

In this way, CapTemp will continue with what has characterized it so far, developing and looking for new solutions that satisfy our customer.

CapTemp is proud to continue its expansion, with the signing of new distribution contracts, namely in the Middle East and India.

Quality Policy

CapTemp implemented a Quality Management System, according to standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015

The entire team is focused on continually improving the achieved results, fulfilling the following guidelines:
  • - Comply with stakeholders, statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to CapTemp's activity.
  • - Supporting the customer through effective and qualified pre and post sale.
  • - Privileged partnership relations with suppliers and customers in order to jointly optimize all processes and systems supplied.
  • - Communicate the Quality Policy to all clients and interested parties.
  • - Establish a standard of quality control for our services aimed at innovation and development of computer applications in the areas of monitoring and supervision, developed to the specific needs of each client.
  • - Monitor the goals of the processes in order to ensure the continuous improvement of the services provided by CapTemp.
  • - Continuously researching of the best way to optimize the internal processes of CapTemp.

The supplier evaluation process is a mechanism for monitoring adherence to the requirements and specifications set out in the purchasing procedures and for the other internal quality procedures implemented at CapTemp.

Annually, CapTemp evaluates its providers of products and services.
The evaluation of product and service suppliers follows the following criteria:
- Appropriate equipment to provide service / adequate training.
- Service quality.
- Quick response to requests/changes.
- Technical knowledge.
- Ability to resolve unforeseen events.
- Compliance with deadlines.
- Managing complaints.
- Orders/service completed as requested.
For each criterion, a scale from 1 (Not Approved) to 3 (Approved) is used, with a classification at the end - Approved or Not Approved.
As part of continuous improvement, we rely on the commitment and collaboration of our suppliers!

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