Nidus-IT plus
Nidus IT plus
Nidus-C plus
Nidus C plus
Nidus W
Ethernet Connection
Support for RS485 sensors
Support for wireless sensors
Integration with external device
via Modbus/RTU
Digital Inputs 11
Digital Outputs 16
Supports a GSM Modem
for SMS alerts and remote control
Supported alarms Email, SMS, web, SNMP
M2M Communication Protocols SNMP, XML, Modbus-TCP
Web server and graphical environment embebbed

Application Areas

Nidus-IT plus Nidus-C plus Nidus-W
Pharmacies: Monitoring and recording of the environmental conditions of medical supplies storage.
Bakeries, freezing facilities: Monitoring of the environmental conditions in production time periods and storage areas, HACCP reports compatability.
Storage: Monitoring of temperatures, humidity and other environmental conditions. HACCP reports compatability.
SCADA System: Connection of external inputs.
Data centers: Monitoring in Rack systems; Remote Control; Temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions; SNMP environment monitoring; Infrastructure monitoring.
HVAC System: Monitoring of system parameters, record of temperature and humidity.
Air-Conditioning: Water leaks detection; Automatic control of the temperature; IT areas control; Data Center areas control.
UPS / Power Generator: Monitoring and automatic boot, temperature control and battery / fuel levels.
IP Security System: Surveillance IP system; Devices status; Control access; Automatic backups; Redundancy and High Availability.