Captemp DVSS


CapTemp "DVSS" (Data Validation Security System) is a technology that ensures any manipulation of relevant data is detected.
This technology guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the data:

Double asymetric keys system

Symetric cryptography

Strong hashing technologies

Validation and integrity of the system can be checked in the user interface

User is warned of existing manipulated data

Reports and certificates are digitally signed and show if data has been manipulated


When multiple wireless devices communicate in the same area, packet collisions can occur. To prevent this CapTemp has developed a proprietary technology "AST "(AiroLOG Syncronization Technology), available in our range of wireless sensors.
This technology allows:

Airo ASTgfxgfxgfx

All AiroLOGs communicate in parallel without packet loss

CLOCK SYNCRONIZATION. The readings (temperature, humidity, etc) take place at exactly the same time (system with automatic clock syncronization)

Resolution in miliseconds, allowing measurements with high accuracy